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Weekend of Crazy

Location: Guana Bay, Bamboo Bernie's, Atlantis Casino, L'Esplanade Pool, the list goes on...

What a crazy weekend. I don't think we actually took a breath from Saturday morning until today, and even now, it's a labored, hungover kind of breathing. We're definitely trying to get the most out of our last week! Well, I am anyway... Steve is trying to mellow out, but so far I'm winning that battle...

Saturday we hit our first Dutch beach with Kristin and Marc and their adorable three kids, along with some of their friends. We went to Guana Beach, which apparently no one else can find, because it was completely empty on a beautiful Saturday. There were maybe five other people there who weren't with us. It was gorgeous. Huge stretch of white beach, and you can see St. Barth's off in the distance. The water started out a little seaweed-y, but the winds turned mid-day, and it cleared up. This was our first beach with a decent amount of surf and we made the most of it. Steve was boogie-boarding with Xander all day, and I was playing in the waves with Chloe, who is almost five and a beautiful little firecracker. She was fearless. Every wave she'd exclaim "I can handle it!" and dive right in. She's only a couple months younger than my niece Sam, and hanging out with her made me miss Sam even more than usual. 

So after a beautiful, lackadaisical day in the surf and sun, we attempted a quick turnaround to get gussied up for some sushi at Bamboo Bernie's, also down on the Dutch side. Alas, the city water supply wasn't supportive of our Saturday night plans - the water was out when we got to the hotel. Who needs a shower after a day at the beach? oh, yeah, that would be me - more sand stuck in more places than I can recount. Luckily Marc worked some crazy magic, which I think involved stealing the water from his sister's house, and off we went. 

When we arrived at Bamboo Bernie's, a place that reminded me considerably of Blowfish Sushi in San Francisco with its decor and music, we got lucky and scored the best seating area - a low coffee table surrounded by comfy couches and chairs. Amazing sushi. Great quality fish. Innovative, without being over the top. There was an "Angry Dragon" roll that had a list of ingredients a mile long, including crab, eel, mango and cream cheese, and it was phenomenal. It was also quite a mouthful as Kristin demonstrated when she boldly claimed the end piece with the shrimp tempura sticking out, which Marc was able to capture frame by frame, from initial determination to the "oh shit" moment when she realized she couldn't chew it, and several pieces of rice escaped. In the interest of Kristin ever speaking to me again, I will refrain from posting these pictures :). After our meal, we decided to chill in our little sushi living room and play some Apples to Apples, my new favorite game ever. It is sooo much fun. Alas, it was a little too much fun - they had to kick us out eventually to make room for people who were actually going to eat, not just drink heavily. 

At that point, we could have called it a night, but someone (OK, it might have been me) spotted the casino across the way, and off we went. Sadly - and luckily - the casino we picked didn't have craps, so I was unable to indulge in my favorite money-losing activity. Steve was very relieved. Instead, we tucked in for a good night of blackjack. Kristin and Marc appear to be in the semi-professional class of blackjack players, so we learned a lot, and actually managed for one of us to break even (though which one broke even is unclear since he filled in for me when I went to the bathroom). Next thing we knew, it was 2am...

When we slowly woke up late on Sunday - Steve's birthday, though he has been studiously avoiding any mention of it - we had plans to meet our friends Jenn and Marc at the hotel pool for "Lobster Fest 2010." Normally we try to space out our drinking binges, but it just so happened that this weekend was a marathon. Alain had thrown the gauntlet earlier in the week claiming the best lobster around, so we had arranged to have him demonstrate his culinary talents for lunch. True to his word, the lobster was phenomenal. Grilled, with a hint of lime and more than a taste of butter, it was succulent. I finally felt avenged for being chased last week. 

Of course, what's lobster without some refreshingly chilled white wine? Next thing we know, it's 6pm, when Alain normally closes the pool bar, but there are 10 of us getting liquored up (including a few newbies, fresh off the plane), so we just kept going. Alain ordered pizzas somewhere around 8pm or so. And he just kept pouring. And pouring. He's the master at the presumptive refill. I don't know how many bottles of wine we went through, but it was considerable. And then he made Steve a special Rum Runner cocktail for his birthday, the largest cocktail you've ever seen. Dude. I'm surprised he was able to walk after that. Then Xander brought the Apples to Apples down to the pool, and next thing you know it was 10:30, and we'd been going since noon. We stumbled off to bed.

When I awoke at 3am with a pounding headache, I was sure I'd contracted the Dengue Fever... but realized it was far more likely I was just very hungover, which sure enough I was.

I had been signed up to dive this morning, but in the interests of avoiding puking my guts out all over the boat, I called this morning to switch to tomorrow. 

Sadly, this morning at 6am (3am west coast) we received a call from our vet to let us know that our little cat Rigby had passed away. He had gone to the vet the day before with labored breathing, and there was fluid in his lungs, and it turns out he had a virus called FIT, which sounds similar to HIV, but for kitties. Rigby was an indoor cat, and only a year and a half old, so it would seem he got it from his mother (though perhaps he was sneaking out to sleep around? not sure). We're sad about it, of course. He was a shy but very loving little cat when the mood struck him. Though, Rigby also had a tendency to pee on our bed when he got mad, sometimes while we were in it, but still, we loved him despite this bad habit. Hopefully Belle, our other kittie, won't be too sad. She's madly in love with our dog Apollo, which I suspect will cushion the blow. But yeah, we're bummed. I was glad it didn't happen actually on Steve's birthday. 

Today was a lumbersome day recovering from all the craziness. We went to the pool, usually our recovery haven, though this time it was tinged with a haunting sense of revisiting the scene of the crime. Steve is now off with Xander, trying out his new video game. I'm getting used to having to go over to Kristin and Marc's house to collect my husband from his play dates... 


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Reader Comments (3)

Hi Lucinda and Steve!
Sorry to hear about Rigby. What a surprise. He seemed so healthy.
It sounds like you guys really celebrated Steve's 40's with a bang. We miss you guys...
Hope you' guys are coming back. Is returning possibility really at 60%?

March 24, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterSunny

Yeah, it was a bummer and a surprise, but such is life I suppose. We are fairly certain we're coming back on April 1st... what is open to question is how long we'll be stay in CA before we come back here...

March 25, 2010 | Registered CommenterLucinda

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